Special treatment


From June 3rd to 5th, the company organized a professional company to carry out a three-day "termite special treatment" campaign and achieved a full victory, and started the "safe production month" beautiful first shot.

      Spring and summer are active periods of various termites. The company is located in the re-emergence area of termite disasters, and it is deeply affected by it. The doors and windows of the sales company, human resources department, finance department and other departments are almost emptied by termites; Hongxiang Branch About 30 large trees near the supercharger production plant and the company's main road are killed by termite erosion; more serious is the "underground erosion" of termites, which poses a great hidden danger to the safety of the company's workshops and offices. .

      Last year, the company listed the special treatment of termites as the key content of “Safe Production Month” and “Safe Production Miles”, and formulated and launched the “three-year” action plan for termite prevention and control. This year is the second year of the three-year governance action. In accordance with the requirements of “anti-risk, hidden dangers, and accidents”, the company cooperates with Hengyang City’s professional ants company, focusing on measures such as applying drugs, cleaning up and “treating the nest and destroying the king”. Carry out special governance and consolidation. Through three days of effective management, the company's approximately 15,000 square meters of garden trees and nearly 3,000 square meters of indoor buildings were applied and cleaned, 21 nests were dug, and 12 kings and queens were captured. Further removed the root cause of ant damage, effectively reduced the damage of termites, and started the beautiful first shot in the "Safe Production Month" and "Safe Production Miles" activities.

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