Launched “Safe Production Month” and “Safe Production Miles”


On May 31, the company issued the "Notice" to make arrangements and arrangements for the in-depth "Safe Production Month" and "Safe Production Miles" activities.

      June this year is the 18th safe production month in the country. The company focuses on the theme of “anti-risk, hidden dangers, and accidents”. It deploys thematic publicity and training on the theme of publicity and safety, and the security development forum and typical observation and security. Publicity and consultation, safety warning education and popular science propaganda, precision assistance, emergency plan drills, and anti-“three violations” special activities, including: “National Safety Publicity and Consultation Day” on June 16 will focus on “safety” On-line activities on the “Publicity and Consultation Day”, through the establishment of consultation booths, exhibitions, and promotional materials, we will carry out on-site activities such as on-site publicity, consultation services, and experience exchanges to expand the coverage and influence of the publicity and create safety. The atmosphere of production.

      The “Safe Production Miles” campaign will be launched simultaneously with the “Safe Production Month”. From June 1st to December 31st, five measures will be taken to actively promote and implement. First, deepen the “three big” and “three” No “review and rectification of activities and problems”, further promote the full implementation of safety production responsibilities of all types of personnel at all levels; second, check the key areas and key places of safety production of the company in a targeted manner, and carry out regional and special activities; It is to continuously carry out supervision and inspection of dangerous chemicals, dangerous workplaces, and electrical safety comprehensive management, conduct in-depth investigation and management of hidden dangers in chemical warehouses and hazardous waste sites, and standardize on-site management. Fourth, conduct in-depth investigation and management of hidden dangers to ensure safe and stable operation of production facilities; The fifth is to make full use of the network reporting platform such as WeChat SMS, and play a good role in the supervision of trade union organizations, social media and workers and other personnel at all levels in safety production, keeping a close eye on the company's safety production weaknesses and safety management loopholes. Good "Internet safe production miles" activity.

      The "Notice" pointed out that the "Safe Production Month" and "Safe Production Miles" activities as a nationwide safety production publicity and education activities require the company to firmly establish the concept of safe development under the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. To prevent and resolve major risks, eliminate potential safety hazards in a timely manner, and effectively curb production safety accidents, effectively enhance safety awareness, strict safety management, implement safety production responsibilities, and further enhance the company's safe production level, which is the 70th anniversary and quality of the founding of New China. Enhance the start of the “365” ascendant campaign to create a safe production environment.

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