Thousands of trade union cadres


In order to implement the spirit of the relevant documents of the All-China and Provincial Municipal Committees on the work of urban poor workers to solve difficulties and difficulties, we will focus on the five-year construction of the city to help solve the problem of hardship work. On June 4, the deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress and the municipal total The chairman of the labor union, Tan Dunlong, led the deputy director of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, the head of the department, the head of the department and the volunteers of the “Hengyang masses and the most beautiful workers”. The volunteers of the Hengyang Municipal Federation of Trade Unions entered the enterprise to help them get out of trouble. "activity. Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board Huang Yi, General Manager, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Liu Pengzhan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, and Chairman of the Labor Union Liu Yaoguang participated in the event.

At the symposium, Tan Dunlong and the Deputy Director of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions and the company's 11 directors formed a pair of employees in the difficult situation, carried out one-on-one assistance, and clarified the responsibility departments and liaison officers of 11 families with difficulties. Jiang Xiaozhong, member of the Party Committee and Vice Chairman of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, expounded the significance of this event and conveyed the guiding ideology, work targets, objectives and tasks, main measures, and organizational guarantees for the municipal party committee and the municipal government to further improve the work of the urban poor workers. The next step was arranged for deployment. A visit was then made. More than 20 help-responsible persons and liaison officers went into the home of the helpers, shook hands with their families, and learned more about the basic situation of the help-seeking objects. Together with the help-seekers, they filled out the “Handbook for the Difficulties of Urban Difficulties for Workers and Difficulties”. Support Handbook; also sent condolences to rice and cooking oil for employees in need.
It is reported that “the trade union cadres enter the enterprise and enter the household” is the normalization and warming activities of the urban employees who are uniformly deployed by the provincial federation of trade unions. It aims to further improve the hardships of the urban workers and relieve the difficulties, and promote the regularization, regularization and daily life of the trade unions. According to the arrangement, the staff of the trade union assistance will be paired with the families of the employees who have difficulties in building the documents. At least quarterly, they will visit the families of the families of the hard-working workers to gain an in-depth understanding of the causes and current needs of the workers. Responsible persons, responsible persons will do their best to help employees solve or report to the organization.
At present, the company has 22 households with difficulties in the above-class level, including 11 difficult employees who have been assisted by the City Federation of Trade Unions, and 11 other companies have been assisted by the company. In the next step, the city’s total “thousands of trade union cadres will enter the enterprise, and the pair will help solve the difficulties and get rid of difficulties”. The work will start in the company, and one household, one household, one household, one household, one household, one household, one household Measures to clearly resolve the responsibility and time limit for getting rid of difficulties and ensure accurate assistance.

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