Supercharger series

Turbo-charger is the Energy-saving and environment-friendly products Accord with national industry policy. It drives the turbine Through the waste gas, and then drive the other side of the impeller, and to Increase air intake,make the fuel combustion fully, thus improve the engine power and torque, reduce exhaust emissions. Products are widely used in engineering machinery, automotive, agricultural machinery, marine machinery, and other fields.

Valve series

The high-power and high-performance valves produced by TYEN are specially responsible for inputting air into the engine and discharging the exhaust gas after combustion. They are an important part of the engine and are widely used in the fields of construction machinery, vehicle machinery, agricultural machinery and marine machinery.

Fan series

The cooling fan is mainly used for cooling systems of high-power diesel engines, engine compartment of special vehicles and traction transformers of high-speed rail, which meet the thermal balance requirements of the above important components. Widely used in engineering machinery, vehicle machinery, agricultural machinery, Marine machinery, high-speed rail and other fields.

other series

The EGR valve mainly guides the exhaust gas from the engine combustion into the engine manifold to participate in the combustion to reduce the combustion chamber temperature, so as to reduce the combustion chamber temperature, improve the engine efficiency, reduce the NOx emission, reduce the knock, and extend the service life of each component.

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