Inspection method:

In the state of shutdown, disconnect the air filter pipeline and connect it to the interface of the supercharger. Hold the rotor up and down, and shake it with your finger. If the axial clearance of the rotor is 0.12mm or the radial clearance of the rotor is 0.40mm, the impeller is not flexible when rotating by hand, the turbine and impeller have obvious friction traces.



Liability determination:

1. If the supercharger core parts are abnormally worn due to the lack of oil, oil or oil dirt, oil coke, etc., and the axial and radial clearance of the rotor shaft is too large, lead to rotational inflexibility for rotor, the user shall be responsible.

2. In case of abnormal wear and tear of parts of the supercharger core due to dust in the inlet pipe and compressor chamber, lead to the rotor rotational inflexibility, it is the user's responsibility.

3. The user shall be liable for the damage of the supercharger caused by the burning or wear of the rotor shaft caused by the failure to operate in accordance with the regulations (step on the gas immediately after starting, frequent stopping, not running at idle speed for 3-5 minutes after starting or before stopping, or the use of "accelerationflameoutoff-gear sliding").

4. If the supercharger core is lack of oil due to insufficient oil amount or too low oil pressure, the rotor shaft is ablated, the floating bearing and the thrust bearing are lack of oil and dry wear, the parts are damaged, and the supercharger clearance is too large, resulting in rotor malfunction, it is the user's responsibility.

5. The air filter and pipeline are in good condition, the oil is clean, the oil filter element is not blocked, there is no lack of oil, the supercharger and the oil inlet and return pipelines are not coking, and the rotor shaft is without oil dry wear. If the supercharger rotor is inflexible, it is a quality problem of the supercharger.

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