Inspection method:

Under the condition that the axial and radial clearance of the supercharger is better and the two rotors are not damaged, oil leakage occurs at the turbocharger turbine end. Usually, there will be oil stains on the turbine surface, blue smoke from the engine and oil in the exhaust gas.

Liability determination:

A. If the axial and radial clearance of the supercharger is good and the turbine end oil leakage occurs in the case of flexible rotation, it is preliminarily determined that the seal ring failure caused the oil leakage, which is the factory's responsibility, in the case of excluding other influencing factors of the engine;

B. If the engine idle time is too long and the turbocharger exhaust gas leaks at the inlet and outlet, the turbocharger turbine surface leakage is the user's responsibility. The supercharger itself has no quality problem, please clean the oil stains at the turbine end in time and operate according to the idle time stipulated by the supercharger to eliminate the engine influencing factors in time.

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