HunanTYEN focus development, production and sales of engine parts such asturbocharger, high-performance valve, cooling fan, EGR valveetc.and bullet trains cooling fan. We have anational technology center, postdoctoral scientific research workstations, Hunan province engineering research center for automotive turbochargers,is the national internal combustion engine standardization technical committee supercharger working group leader unit. Together withTianjin university, we have established the internal combustion power collaborative innovation center of the ministry of education, and cooperated with Beijing institute of technology to build the key laboratory of CMIF supercharger technology.

       The company has complete design and development capabilities, fluid and structure simulation analysis capabilities supercharger forvalve, fan, EGR valve. In terms of design,We have mastered the program design and optimization of assembly, independent design of pneumatic components, product structure design and risk analysis. In terms of valves master material application, friction welding, copying quenching, precision chromium plating, salt bath nitriding and other core technology. Fluid and structure simulation analysis has the ability to combine theoretical analysis with experimental verification, including aerodynamic analysis and performance matching of compressors, turbines and fans. In terms of structural mechanics, it is equipped with stress and strain analysis, temperature field, fatigue life analysis and technical risk assessment of components and the whole machine. We have the ability to analyze noise and optimize design schemeofsupercharger, fan and otherproduct.

       In test capability, has the advanced performance and noise integrated test-bed, turbocharger compressor turbine test rig, VGT turbine flow calibration test-bed, high/low cycle fatigue test bench, petrol and diesel turbocharger reliability test rig, parts and machine vibration test rig, engine test bench, valve wear test bed, fan performance test rig test bench. We haveability of all performance and endurance test forturbocharger components,assembliesand Engine matching development.

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