Hunan TYEN machinery co., LTD belongs to China weapon equipment group ,is a subsidiary of China changan automobile group co., LTD. Focus on turbocharger, high-performance valve, cooling fan and other engine parts and high-speed train cooling fan research and development, production and sales.

The company is located in hejiangtao, shikwu district, hengyang city, hunan province. It covers an area of more than 600,000 square meters and has total assets of more than one billion RMB. It is the key high-tech enterprise of the national torch program, the leader of the turbocharger working group of the national technical committee of standardization of internal combustion engine, and has established the national enterprise technology center, postdoctoral research station and hunan automotive turbocharger engineering technology center.

The company was founded in 1950, began to say DALI industrial and minin factory of Hengyang city. Renamed xiangyang machinery factory in1966. In 1991, the three-line transfer, the original hongyuan machinery factory (xupu county of huaihua city) and hongling machinery factory (chenxi county of huaihua city) were moved to hengyang, Combined with xiangyang machinery factory to form hunan jiangyan machinery factory. In 2003, hunan tianyan machinery co., LTD was established. In 2012, Tyen completed backdoor listing. In 2014, the industrial and commercial changes were completed, and trading resumed in May of the same year, with the stock name of Hunan Tyen, a-share code 600698.

The company's products cover the engine power range of 30-2000KW, Engine exhaust of 0.8l -30L. It is widely used in the fields of construction machinery, vehicle machinery, agricultural machinery, Marine machinery and high-speed railway, etc., and has established stable supporting and strategic cooperative relations with domestic well-known engine factories, such as Weifang diesel engine factory, Wuxi diesel engine factory, Yulin diesel engine factory, Dalian diesel engine factory.The products were exported to Europe, America, southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

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Hunan Tyen Machinery co.,LTD