1. Principle of three guarantees:

Where the "jiangyan" brand supercharger produced by our company is damaged due to the product design, manufacturing, debugging and poor quality during the warranty period, which is confirmed to be our company's responsibility, we will provide "three guarantees" service.

2. Determination of the term of the three guarantees:

The host market three guarantees service policy: with the main engine plant supporting the product warranty period according to the supply of technical agreement signed by both sides of the warranty period. The warranty period shall be calculated from the invoice date of the product sold to the end user.

Three guarantees service policy of spare parts market: the warranty period of products in spare parts market is three months under the premise of installation and use in strict accordance with the product operation and operation manual. The warranty period shall be calculated from the invoice date of the product sold to the end user.

3. Scope of no three guarantees:

Those who do not maintain the product according to the operation manual;

The supercharger is leaking oil due to the failure of air filter or the use of inferior air filter;

Lack of oil, use of inferior oil, do not change the oil for a long time to make the oil dirty or into oil blocking, causing floating bearing internal and external holes pulled wear, supercharger axial radial clearance is out of tolerance, rub, broken shaft, thrust bearing fracture and other quality accidents; (see figure 1, 2, 3, and 4)

                 FIG. 1                                        FIG. 2                                         FIG. 3                                       FiG.4

FIG. 1 Oil pollution causes oil hole of thrust bearing to be blocked.

FIG. 2 Loss of oil leads to wear of floating bearings.

FIG. 3 Engine oil shortage leads to turbine rotor shaft burning out.

FiG.4 Lack of oil leads to wear and tear of thrust bearing. 

Overspeed or overload caused by damage to the parts;

Refit, dismantle, repair or change parts without the company's consent;

Foreign body or engine failure caused by the supercharger two wheel wear, axial radial clearance out of tolerance, impeller scraping, broken shaft and other quality accidents; (see figure 5, figure 6 and figure 7)

Cause an accident due to improper operation. (see figure 8)

                FIG. 5                                            FIG. 6                                        FIG. 7                                       FiG.8

FIG. 5 wear of steel wheel caused by foreign body.

FIG. 6 wear of steel wheel caused by foreign body.

FIG. 7. Lack of oil leads to the turbo rotor turning blue and shaft breaking.

FIG. 8 damaged housing or bypass valve.

4. "three guarantees" service procedures:

Main engine market: by the car factory or engine factory special service station.

Spare parts market: Company has carried out the purchase of after-sales service to each dealer according to a certain proportion, and authorized the dealer to provide service for our products. If the quality problem of our products occurs during the three guarantees period (not the responsibility of the user), the dealer shall be responsible for the three guarantees service.

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